Sunday August 05, 2007

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Is it really August 5th? I know I made some sort of vow to be here daily, and yet, it has not happened the last two weeks. Why? Because not all of life is about output. Sometimes, life is about input, mulling, chewing and stewing. There I said it. A flimsy, procrastinating writer’s excuse? That’s possibly your projection not mine. But a reason that I know in my life is real. Over these last seven years, as I have had a more consistent relationship with my creative production, I have found that all IS cyclical. And I love that.

Pete Seeger, The Byrds and Ecclesiastes were right, there is a season (is Ecclesiastes a guy?). And so for this blog it has been more like winter. And in winter, you don’t see a lot of action on the outside, but you can bet that there is a lot going on inside working on things that will blossom in just a few months. My potential blossoming is a project about the American Dream (much more on that later, I’m sure).

So, I am off for 8 days to my leadership retreat in N. Cal. tomorrow, and when I return, I will be here. Until then – good wintering in the height of summer.