“Kelly delighted, surprised and entertained our audience of over 1100 women with the story of her personal journey to finding her own light. It takes courage to fight your way out of the shadow of a famous father, comedian George Carlin, and the influence of a dysfunctional mother. Her personal struggles, stumbles and ultimate success is an inspiration to all women looking to make their mark on the world.”Mary Pasciucco, CMO, The Ad Club
“Imagine no religion 6 invited Ms. Kelly Carlin to speak at our 2016 event held in Vancouver. To say that she was a delight is an understatement. As well as being a wonderfully approachable and open person her talk was one that had us all laughing and crying at the same time. I have had numerous comments on how powerful her talk was for us. Delivered with sense of being one with the audience it was riveting from start to finish. I would highly recommend Kelly as and engaging and powerful speaker.”Bill Ligertwood, Founder INR
“We were honored to have Kelly Carlin as our Keynote Speaker for the American Humanist Association’s annual conference in 2015. Speaking about her life growing up with George Carlin, Kelly captivated our audience of humanists and atheists, many of whom were fans of the late comedian (and are now big fans of her!). No one else could deliver such a personal story with more humor, poignancy, and grace than Kelly Carlin.”Maggie Ardiente, Director of Communications, American Humanist Association


She is both funny and deep. She is the wise woman, and just another lost soul. She speaks beautifully and always keeps it real. Audiences love both her authenticity and expertise. Her very human and inspiring stories about addiction, domestic abuse, anxiety and depression, loss of both her parents, growing up in the shadow of fame, and finding her own power keep audiences spellbound.


Turn Off the Mute Button: Speaking Your Truth for the Sake of Sanity, Joy and the Planet – In this talk, Kelly ultimately connects the dots between the benefits of personal expression, living the good life, and the responsibility we all have to our future. She reveals how, even though she grew up as the daughter of one of the most creative comedians of the 20th century, she feared her own self-expression and paid a high price for her silence. She elucidates what gave her the courage to eventually “speak her truth,” and how others can too. Due to her background in psychology and life coaching, she’s more than qualified to give the audience tools to investigate their own blocks and free their own voices. She fosters one’s wonder and joy in being alive, and connects people to the only path to living their most fulfilling life. Finally, Kelly calls forth the audience to stand up, speak out not just for themselves, but for the sake of humanity and the planet.

Speaking the Dangerous Truth: Changing Ones Life & Culture by Facing Challenges Head-on – In this talk, Kelly tells her story of going from self-censorship and creative paralysis to living an unbound artistic life.   Starting in the shadow of her famous father, George Carlin, Kelly fights her way through depression, anxiety and addiction to find the courage to speak her truth to inspire others to live their turth.   She explores what holds us all back from the life we know we’re here to live, and what we can do to step fully into our own light.

Put Down Your Phone and Pick Up Your Life: Reducing Stress in the Digital Age – In this talk, Kelly shares her story of what she discovered when she walked away from her online life for a summer. She taps into her experience of being an active social media person, 20 years of mindfulness practice, and her Masters degree in counseling psychology to discuss the effects of being overly tethered to our digital selves, and how to design your life to live in balance with it.

Finding Your Inner GPS: Living a Life Where Your Inside Matches Your Outside – In this talk, Kelly explores what it takes to know yourself in a world filled with distractions, competing needs and not enough time. She shares her own journey learning to connect to her own needs, her own inner GPS, and teaches others to do the same. Without this knowledge, it is impossible to be productive, creative and live a fulfilled life. She shows that when you know yourself and take care of yourself first, only then can you fully serve your vision, mission and the world at large.

The Joy of Grief: How Loss Can Be the Greatest Gift – In this talk, Kelly shares the poignant stories of losing her parents, and how by walking consciously through the loss, she was able to gather the many treasures that life has to offer. She discusses how these days with our aging population, many are facing loss in many different areas of their lives – losing a parent, spouse or even our rock n roll heroes; losing one’s job, career or sense of one’s place in the world.   But with her wit and keen insight, Kelly shows one how to walk through this process with eyes and heart wide open, and then claim a rich and fulfilling life on the other side of it.

From 50 to Fabulous: Stepping Into All of You – In this talk, Kelly reveals her own awakening to what it means to be a woman after 50. Noticing how the culture, and the men at the gym, have deemed her invisible, she reframes her experience to one of freedom, empowerment and deep joy.   She helps the audience tap into their own wisdom, redefine their dreams and let go of perspectives that no longer serve them in mid-life.


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