Friday August 17, 2007

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Just back from a week away at my Leadership Program I am immersed in, and it seems the world is on fire again – mine collapsing, hurricane pending, earthquake destruction. I sit back and ask it all – what does this have to do with me? Not an easy question to answer because I can’t see all the threads here, except one. It is about that mine. Now what I am about to say is not meant to make anyone squirm with guilt, but there is some place inside of me that needs to stand up and own my own part in this, which is that I am a consumer of electricity here in Los Angeles, and here in L.A. we use energy from coal. There is a thread here. In some small way I have colluded with the mining industry that looks the other way when it comes to environmental and safety practices. And like I said, I am not saying this to be a martyr of guilt or a creator of one, but the earth is calling to me, she is saying it IS time to wake up, make a shift, do things differently. There are no more free rides. There is no more sand to put my head into. There is not enough reality TV to distract me from her truth.

And so I sit here in her truth, my truth, the truth and will honor my urges to act, change and rework my life in order that all can have life here on earth. I am scared, excited and a bit overwhelmed, but there is a path here somewhere, and I am determined to find it.

Peace out,