True North

A 12-Week Course to Help you Find a More Authentic and Fulfilling New Path Forward

Here is what ya get:

12 Live Calls over 12 weeks
We need 90 days to activate true change. This course follows that proven time frame to help you make change that you’ll feel and see.

6 Lively Content Calls
I share my personally lived-into and client-tested teachings in a live and fun lecture series.

6 Live Coaching/Q&A Sessions
Through “spotlight” coaching, we deepen the learning for all participants. You’ll see how to live into the key concepts

Fieldwork Between the Calls
Through completing self-discovery journal prompts and integrating new skills, you’ll have a structured way to deepen your learning and keep you moving your new path forward.


  • 12 Week Experience (a total of 18 hours of live calls)
  • Learn the essential teachings of my year-long program
  • Catapult yourself forward quickly
  • Have access to multiple learning styles – lectures, journal prompts & experiential exercises
  • Discover the unconscious narratives that shape your life
  • Choose new and more constructive perspectives
  • Practice skills that free you from old patterns that keep you stuck and small
Find Your True North — Limited Spots


“What the hell do you, Kelly Carlin, know about this stuff?” Well…

  • I’ve been practicing mindfulness and meditation for 20 years.
  • I have used mindfulness and other modalities to reduce my own anxiety, depression, perfectionism and co-dependent mindset.
  • I have been leading groups for over 15 years.
  • I have a Masters in counseling psychology (Jungian) psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute.
  • I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach through Coaches Training Institute and a graduate of their Leadership training.
  • I have used all of the things I share in the webinars to overcome my own fears, lack of confidence and other blocks to become a successful author, speaker, performer and radio show host.

Go Deep to Take the Leap

Women on the Verge is a focused, 12-month coaching program that supports women in making deep, long lasting changes within and without so that they can finally be valued, paid, and recognized.

The world needs women more than ever to step up and claim their authentic power.  It’s time for women to get out of their own way to step into what they truly want and who they want to be.

Take the leap — when you commit to big things, big things happen.

Limited spots — click here to find out more.

Kelly also offers occasional retreats, workshops and online classes in the areas of creativity, women’s empowerment, mindfulness, and writing. To find out more, sign up for her newsletter here.