True North -12 week course to activate bold and Soulful change

A 12-Week Course to Help you Find a More Authentic and Fulfilling New Path Forward

My True North course is a place where YOUR spark gets lit, seen, loved and nurtured, and you can start moving forward.

I would love it if you were there with me.

During this live course you will:
  • Get 12 Week Experience (a total of 18 hours of live calls)
  • Catapult yourself forward quickly
  • Have access to multiple learning styles – lectures, journal prompts & experiential exercises
  • Discover the unconscious narratives that shape your life
  • Choose new and more constructive perspectives 
  • Practice skills that free you from old patterns that keep you stuck

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Because you…

  • crave more authenticity but are always afraid to live into your full & true expression.
  • are tired of being bashed about by your “Inner Bully” & crave a strong & reliable  “Inner Ally.”
  • are consistently avoiding doing what it takes for your dreams & desires to become a reality.
  • have lost your way in the last few years & are ready to re-ignite the fire of your purpose
  • see a new direction on your horizon & desire a sold place to get the skills, support you’ll need to create a map to get you from “here to there.”


6 Lively TEACHING Calls 
I share my personally lived-into and client-tested life-changing skills and practices in a live and fun lecture series.

Fieldwork between the calls 
Through completing self-discovery journal prompts and integrating new skills, you’ll have a structured way to deepen your learning and keep moving forward on your new path.

6 Live COACHING/Q&A Sessions   
Through “spotlight” coaching, we deepen the learning for all participants. You’ll see how apply the key concepts to create dramatic change in your life.