Day 7 of 100 Fears in 100 Days

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Well, I woke up knowing what today’s action would be – make my MRI appointment for my boobs. I am in a high-risk program at UCLA (my mom and grandma both had breast cancer) and I was supposed to make this appointment 2 months ago. My mammogram was fine, but ever other year I get an MRI to keep on top of things. And when it comes to this stuff, there is always fear underneath it. The big “What if…” So I will call today and get this baby off my list!!

Yesterday was good. I caught myself a few times almost writing or speaking about someone in a stereotyping way. And I started a cool discussion over at Soul Pancake Rainn Wilson’s (of The Office) site about the big questions in life. I hope you check it out – the site and my question.

Since beginning this practice, I have had more energy and feel more alive. I think that subtle (and of course not so subtle) fear saps us of our life force in the long run. It’s like it traps it in a hard, brittle case making it inaccessible to the whole system. So when we step over the fear or move through it, we crack that baby open, and get to capture that life force back.

So what are you cracking open today?