Day 6 of 100 Fears in 100 Days

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Really? Day 6 already? Jeez.

By blogging about a political subject the other day, I have found a way into a conversation that I have been longing to have and host for a long time – How to reduce the vitriol that is spewing out of American’s mouths and at each other, and how to bring back real dialogue about what we ALL want for this country.

I do not have an answer to this big question, but I am excited about doing my part in hosting the conversation here and on Facebook.

So, today, I am stepping out of that comfort zone and claiming a new practice for myself – I am taking responsibility for my own speech. I am now going to make a point in my own communication (speech, blogging, essaying) to stop labeling people.

I know that labeling dehumanizes us all. And dehumanization is what leads to hate, violence and actions we all regret.

I know it will be challengin because at times I just want to say things like, “those damn Neo-con, Christian, Right-Wing Nut Bags,” but ultimately I see that when I do that, I am being lazy in my thinking and my speaking (although it FEELS good, but so does an 8 Ball of cocaine and I know where that leads), and I know that when people label ME that way, smoke comes out my ass and ears. I want to discover a new way to discuss all of this without doing that to others.

We are all so much more than stereotypes, labels and single perspectives. And I know that I can vehemently disagree with a person’s opinion, and even feel fear about what they are saying, and not have to be sucked into name calling, fear-mongering, and bitch slapping – at least that is the goal.

So, where are you going outside of your comfort zone? What are you willing to do today that will SHAKE your world up? Walk with me.