26 August 2016 | 3:17 pm
Length: 56:40

124: Kelly Says No

Kelly shares about her trip to Jamestown NY for the LucyFest, meeting Trevor Noah and finding herself in a Victorian Disneyland called The Chautauqua Institute. She then dives into the power of saying "yes" and the power of saying "no" in her life and invites listeners to step into their own lives consciously and boldly. Music: "A Feather's Not A Bird" by Rosanne Cash.

31 July 2016 | 3:15 pm
Length: 48:17

123: Kelly Feels the Silverman

Kelly briefly touches on the conventions, Sarah Silverman and a few important Garry’s in her life. She then plays part two of her interview with Steve McIntosh, the Integral Philosopher and founder of the Institute for Cultural Evolution where they discuss the future of both the Left and the Right in American politics. Music is co-opted from the DNC.

21 July 2016 | 5:55 pm
Length: 1:01:07

122: Kelly Holds the Tension

Kelly shares what it’s been like to be off of social media for a month, and then reaching back to the roots of what Waking from the American Dream really means for her, Kelly invites Integral philosopher and co-founder of the Institute for Cultural Evolution, Steve Macintosh, to drill down into the roots of the hyper partisanship of American Politics. This is part one or a two part conversation. Music is co-opted from the co-opted music of the RNC.

18 June 2016 | 3:19 pm
Length: 1:18:26

121: Kelly Walks Away

On today’s show, Kelly shares her thoughts on mass shootings, talks about her decision to take a summer sabbatical from social media, and shares about her friendship with the late Garry Shandling. Music by Bo Burnham and George Harrison.

10 June 2016 | 1:27 am
Length: 1:24:46

120: Kelly Comes Home

After traveling near and far, Kelly is home for most of the summer. She is joined on the show by Ben Morrison, comic & actor, who has come to Kelly for clarity & support during a major life change.

22 March 2016 | 4:58 am
Length: 1:20:09

119: Octagon Table Discussion: Democracy

Kelly is joined by Erin Brown, Rick Overton, Richard Green and Chris Bonno to discuss the idea of democracy and how it’s working these days during this election season. Music by Alan Stone, the Jacob Jeffries Band, and Lisa Brigantino.

24 February 2016 | 7:49 am
Length: 1:18:39

118: Kelly Finds Joy

Paul Holdengraber, curator and director of the NY Public Library’s highly respected and acclaimed interview series Live from the NYPL, and Kelly talk deeply about the art of conversation. Kelly also discusses with viewers the importance in finding one’s childlike joy in the adult tasks we find daily. Music: "Perfect World" and "Where You're At" by Allen Stone

4 February 2016 | 12:00 am
Length: 1:05:16

117: Kelly Tidies Up

Kelly talks about in-groups, the magic of tidying, the empty fullness of being done with her book stuff, and reads a Mary Oliver poem. Music by The Eagles.

17 June 2015 | 12:00 am
Length: 1:21:42

115: Octagon Table Discussion: Meaning of Life

Kelly is joined by the usual suspects - Rick Overton, Dylan Brody, and Erin Brown - to wind their way around to find the meaning of life. Dylan talks about a peyote trip at age 11, Erin admits to eating with elderly clergy, and Rick takes us to the edge of the multiverse. Music by Dylan Brody

2 May 2015 | 7:30 pm
Length: 1:23:26

114: Kelly Says What She Wants

Kelly chats with Josh Wheeler, Executive Director of the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Freedom of Expression, about First Amendment issues like Citizen United, and the Center’s annual Jefferson Muzzle Awards. Music by Eric Bern, Chandler Travis and Afton Hefley.

27 April 2015 | 6:58 am
Length: 1:29:44

113: Kelly Is And Isn't Into -ism

Kelly begins by talking about her wacky morning. She then brings on Katie Goodman and they discuss her video Sorry Babe, You're a Feminist! and why younger women are resisting the term. Kelly then talks about resisting the term atheist and how she has come to find peace with defining her own brand of spirituality. Music by Eric Schwartz.

17 April 2015 | 5:27 am
Length: 1:25:31

112: Kelly Returns

Kelly talks about Spring, Fleetwood Mac and the drought. She then chats with Rain Pryor about her first comedy album, "Black & White." Kelly then ends the show sharing about her experience doing a five week run of her solo show, "A Carlin Home Companion." Music by Natasha Agrama

30 November 2014 | 7:59 am
Length: 1:42:45

111: Kelly Says Yes

Cash Peters, author of 12 books and former TV host of "Stranded with Cash Peters," joins Kelly in a revealing conversation about the difference between skepticism and circumspection; what happens when you are willing to believe in life; and how saying yes can change everything.

18 November 2014 | 7:37 am
Length: 1:31:13

110: Kelly Talks Dirty with Je

Jennifer Edwards, author and actress (and daughter of Blake Edwards) talks with Kelly about her new novel, When Angels Cry, a funny, erotic story of a woman finding herself in the thick of middle-aged challenges. They also discuss acting, their dads and what it’s like to write a book.

10 November 2014 | 7:27 am
Length: 1:25:22

109: Kelly and Katie Kid Around

Katie Goodman, comedian/singer/songwriter, and Kelly talk about vulnerability and its place in comedy and performing, teaching kids bad words, how some young women misunderstand the word “feminism”, and nothing about the mid-term elections.

5 October 2014 | 8:16 am
Length: 1:30:05

108: Sisters of Comedy

Rain Pryor and Laurie Buckley join Kelly to discuss Feminism, the Feminine, being daughters of pioneers in comedy, and how their generation and gender does it slightly different than their fathers.

8 September 2014 | 5:38 am
Length: 1:24:10

107: Octagon Table Discussion: Depression

Join Kelly as she and Rick Overton, Dylan Brody, and Chris Bonno find the funny and not so funny in depression, ennui, suicide, America’s obsession with growth and progress and laughter. Music by The Paul & the John

18 August 2014 | 6:24 pm
Length: 1:32:32

106: Kelly Finds a More Beautiful Question

Kelly and Warren Berger's (the author of A More Beautiful Question) discussion about the power of questions will inspire and blow your mind wide open. As we as individuals and a species face an era of increasing uncertainty, the skill of asking powerful questions about our lives, the world and challenges is more important than ever. Listen in as Warren and Kelly delve into the art of inquiry. Music by Alan Stone, the Jacob Jeffries Band, and Lisa Brigantino.