Friday October 17, 2008

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I was just reading the Huffington Post this morning about how Palin is depressed by the media coverage, so her staff was telling her not to watch it. While at a rally, she said,

“that while she doesn’t always appreciate the way reporters portray the GOP ticket, she’s been bolstered by the prayers of many of the campaign’s backers.

“But yeah, sometimes you do get depressed watching what it is that they’re reporting and the spin and some of the distortion of what our message is and what we stand for. Sometimes that, that gets draining,” she continued. “But it’s at events like these and our rallies that we are so energized and inspired and we know that we are not alone. We feel your strength and we feel the power of prayer, so many of you tell us that you are praying for us and praying for our country and that’s why we so appreciate you being here.”

So my question is: How will they handle this new episode of cognitive dissonance? With so many Christians praying for her, and their ticket doing so poorly, and most likely losing the election, does this mean that the Blue Meme Traditional Jesus they worship might not exist? Will any of them see that their particular brand of Christianity is ready to be put on the shelf? Is this nation ready to move back to the more respectful, quiet type of choice of personal relationship with a Higher Power that doesn’t come shreiking out every election cycle? Or are these lost children just going to pray harder for the Apcalypse now?