Day One of the Audio Book

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Not knowing what to expect today (except for little girl giddiness because I am recording at The Village in West LA where all of my musical heroes have recorded for the last 40 years), I did pretty darn good for living through the first 18 years of my life in one day.  
I read over 100 pages of my book in about 5 hours. My mom almost died from alcoholism and then got sober. My dad went from clean cut guy to counter-culture god to his first heart attack. I was born, got to be a kid, then had to be an adult way too early, then became a teen and did my best to almost kill myself. Phew.

The producers said I did a good job, and I felt good reading it all. I felt great when I left the studio, but the minute I got home, I laid on my bed and slept for an hour like a dead person. If my dog, Stella, had not needed dinner and wasn’t poking at me with her cold nose, I think I would have spent for three. My god, that’s a lot of life to live in one day. Holy shit.

Tomorrow my first marriage, panic attacks, cocaine, college and my mom dying.

I think I need another nap just thinking about it.