Day 2 of 100 Fears in 100 Days

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I see a few people have joined me here to walk this together. Welcome to Margaret, Ni, Laurie and Bernadette!

Today I am going to face the fear of my finances. I am going to reconcile my business accounting after ignoring if for 6 months. I am SO glad to get this one off my list.

And just a little update about yesterday. I called my manager and said I need an editor to help me finish my outline for my book – he knew of the perfect person – my dad’s first editor on his book who is now an agent. He is calling her today. AND he brought up wanting to start contacting speaker’s bureaus for me.

I really get that this work of facing your fears, taking actions that scare us, is a HUGE act of co-creation. When we move, the world reacts in some new way. We are stirring up energy.

Feel free to post what you are doing today to face your fears.

Peace Out.