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Zen Mind

Reading about killing the Buddha today. “If you meet the Buddha along the road, kill him”, they say – they being the Buddhist masters. When I first read this many years ago I was aghast. What? Kill the very thing that will finally solve it all for me? What would I be left with then? A dead Buddha? How the hell is this going to work?

What I have come to understand is this: that we all must kill the thought, the idea, the notion that there is a supreme and enlightened being and it/he/she is separate. We must get over this false belief that we are here and God is there, and that our job is to find ways to close the gap between us.

What is reality is that there is no gap, there is no here, there is no there.

What would your life look like if you took me seriously right now, and let this reality BE real?

I’ll say it again: There is no gap, there is no here, there is no there.

There is nothing to strive toward, there is nothing to compare against, there is nothing to be different from. It is the striving, the comparing,and the differencing that is killing you. STOP IT.

You are not separate, you are the AND, you are the YES, you are the everything and you are the nothing RIGHT NOW.

Now go out there, get some ice cream and be kind to you/all.

p.s. And if you see a Buddha, make sure it really is a Buddha before you go killing it. God knows I don’t want to be responsible for some kind of mystical manslaughtering.