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Don’t know why, but I felt pulled to show up here this morning. Usually I have something that is just dying to be expressed, something that just won’t let me go, and so I come here and share. But this morning, it feels like the space has just invited me in to show up first, and then create from the space it holds.

Just showing up and creating from what is in front of us is something humans have been doing for, well, for ever I guess. I suppose we wouldn’t be here, this far along in our evolution, without that ability to create from the here and now. It seems like my ego wants to believe that I need a plan, the right tools and education, and then I can go and make something happen, or make a something. It’s just not true is it? I don’t know what the end of this sentence is as I type it, I don’t know the end of a thought as I think it, and I certainly won’t know what the end of this day, month, year, life will look like. And yet I move toward it anyway. I walk into the unknown in every moment. Funny. Funny, because so many times I hear myself and my clients talk about the fear of the unknown and the paralysis that accompanies it. But it really is bullshit isn’t it. Without the unknown there is no life, no universe, nor no creativity.

Have fun in the unknown today.