Day 5 of 100 Fears in 100 Days

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Good Sunday Morning!

So yesterday I posted some thoughts about being American, feeling powerless over the fate of this country, and how self-questioning is a path to deeper understanding. I am generally terrified of going into this subject because politics creates such passion in people, and I generally like to be a peace maker. So I offer my remarks ultimately as a peace maker and a human trying to understand it all. But I always fear that I will have to defend myself against an attack and then I will end up getting all hopped up and righteous and red in the face and creating more chaos than peace. So that was a huge step for me.

Today I have already played on with my edges. I woke up early to talk about an upcoming project with someone I immensely respect and who co-wrote my dad’s upcoming memoir. There was one thing on the list of ideas I had that I was a bit hesitant to mention. But I did, and it ended up being a really rich idea that will bring much to the project.

Hope your edges are expanding!