Day 4 of 100 Fears in 100 Days

Kelly Carlin100 Fears in 100 Days, Sitting with the Unknown Leave a Comment

I feel I am facing a conundrum this morning with this challenge. You see, first of all it is Saturday. A weekend day. What kind of fear to face on a Saturday?

Secondly, I have done some things the last three days that make me feel full and satisfied. Isn’t there supposed to be a day where you rest a bit on your laurels?

And yet, there is this commitment – to face a fear every day for 100 days. Hmmm. What to do…

My weekends don’t feel like a bunch of fear facing opportunities like the work week does. But I am probably full of shit on this one. I like to think that most of my fears are about putting myself out there in the world – and there are many around this issue, trust me. But, I am guessing that there will be moments today when I can witness myself hesitate, censor or stop in the face of some voice in my head saying, “Stop! Danger! Don’t go there!” And I will see that fear is a subtle little bitch that shows up ways that I had no idea about.

And when it does show up, I will say, “Step aside honey, there’s a new bitch in town.”

More later.