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Many of us are exhausted by the chaotic world we find ourselves living in these days. Between politics, the 24/7 news cycle and social media (let alone our jobs, spouses, kids and ailing parents), there is just no time to stop, pause and ground ourselves.  We feel like our heads just might explode. We know we need to step away, but can’t fathom it.

I so get that. It feels next to impossible to break away, and maybe even a little wrong or selfish.  And yet, here’s what I’ve learned about it – If I don’t take the time, no will take it for me.  NO ONE.

I also hear from folks that they feel like they never had the chance or luxury to stop, pause and be with themselves. But, I’ve learned the hard way that self-care is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. If we don’t learn to get off the treadmill of life regularly, there really is no LIFE.

Others of you may know how to stop and pause, you’ve done some meditation, or even had a steady practice, but can’t seem to get around to it anymore. Life has just gotten too much. I can offer you the support and structure to re-ignite your practice, learn a few new things, and have some fun along the way.

Most of us don’t want another god damned thing on our to-do lists, and signing up for something feels like just more stuff that HAS to be done. I know! And yet, the strange thing about taking 90 minutes a week to stop, pause and sit with yourself is that it will actually make your week feel like there is more time and space to live. It’s some kind of Zen Jedi shit. I don’t understand it myself, but I experience it often.

Some question you may have…

So, what the hell is this “online summer sabbatical” thing?

Last summer I walked away completely from social media from June-September.  I called it my “summer sabbatical” and it changed my life.

Will you be doing something as radical as walking away from social media, or your computer or technology this summer? That’s up to you and it certainly is not a requirement to be a part of this offering.

But I do have to say that by switching up my relationship with social media, it impelled me to change my relationship with all sorts of things. I reassessed what I wanted to be letting into my life, and began to remove that which no longer served my peace of mind and sense of purpose in life. I began to really enjoy the width and breadth of the present moment; the joy of following my whims; and the freedom of being disconnected from the fray.

So, whether you decide to walk away from some part of your relationship with technology, or just show up for the webinars, I have a feeling that you’ll get a chance to feel some of the freedom and joy that summer used to bring to us when we were young.

Isn’t an “online sabbatical” an oxymoron?

Yup.  But I can’t come to your house, or city or you come to me weekly, so I’ve decided to do it this way. I hope in the future, that I can travel to your city to offer a weekend, or that I can offer some regular “retreats” in Los Angeles where I live. But until then, we’ll just have to live with this oxymoron.

So, what can I expect with each webinar?

We’ll start with a little mindfulness meditation, then I’ll talk a bit about a topic that is pertinent to getting off the treadmill of modern life and increasing our ability to be more self-aware and in choice during our day to day lives. Then to deepen into the topic we’ll either do some journal prompt writing, or an imaginal exercise or some Q&A, or maybe even I’ll coach someone a bit.

The webinar technology I use, ZOOM, allows for a chat box so all of you can be chatting via text with me and each other, and it also allows the option for me to bring you live onto the webinar with me to ask questions or be coached.

But, what if I don’t know anything about meditation or mindfulness?

Perfect! You’re in the right place. I will teach you the basics, we will practice together in each session, and you’ll get to practice it on your own during the week.

What I hear from most people is, “I tried meditating, but I just couldn’t get the voices in my head to shut up, so I gave up.” The good news is that getting the voices in your head to shut up is not the point of meditation. Changing your relationship with those voices in your, however, is the point, and I will show you how to do just that.


Aren’t you just the daughter of a comedian who wrote a book and did a show about your life, what do you know about all of this stuff?

Before I came out to the world in 2008 as the daughter of you know who, I had been doing lots of studying of Buddhism and psychology, and a shitload of work on my own self. In 1997, just after my mother’s death, I began studying mindfulness meditation with two teachers in Thich Nhat Hahn’s lineage. Then in 2004, I attained my masters in psychology (Jungian) from Pacifica Graduate Institute, and then became a certified life coach (Coaches Training Institute) with a thriving practice filled with creative types. During that whole period, I led weekly meditation groups, some retreats and worked with some incredible teachers.

After my dad died, I felt compelled to step out of the shadow and into the spotlight to pursue my creative life. I have been blessed with incredible opportunities to hone and share my writing and performing crafts, and that will continue. My goal now is to weave all aspects of myself to entertain, embolden and inspire others to live the version of their lives that brings them the most joy and meaning.


I am an atheist, secular humanist, skeptic type. This isn’t going to be a bunch of woo-woo, religious stuff, is it?

Nope. I consider myself a secular humanist, and nothing that I have studied in Buddhism has asked me to be anything different. I don’t pretend to know everything about the universe, and I’m not here to push any kind of a belief system or undo anyone’s beliefs either. That is your business. The practices and exercises I will share are all grounded in helping you create more clarity, put you more in charge of the choices you make and increase joy.


So when are these webinars?

The LIVE webinars are each 90 minutes long and will be:

#1 Wed. June 21st 5PM PST

#2 Sun. June 25th 10:30AM PST

#3 Wed.. July 5th 5PM PST

#4 Sun. July 9th 10:30 AM PST

#5 Wed. July 19th 5PM PST

#6 Sun. July 23rd 10:30 AM PST

#7 Wed. August 9th 5PM PST

#8 Sun. August 13th 10:30 AM PST

#9 Wed. August 23rd 5PM PST

#10 Sun. August 27th 10:30 AM PST

All webinars will all be recorded and available 24 hours afterwards.

Attending the LIVE webinars is NOT a requirement. You will still receive great benefits from just listening to the recordings.


Now what?

Sign up, silly.  And I’ll see you on June 21st.  And if you have a question still, email me at [email protected] and I will try and answer it.

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Kelly offers occasional retreats, workshops and online classes in the areas of creativity, women’s empowerment, mindfulness, and writing. To find out more, sign up for her newsletter here.