Testimonials from this summer’s Unplug cycle:

“I loved these webinars. Kelly is a wonderful facilitator. Very nurturing. I love her laughter, and I love her tears. And I so love the community!” – Cathy Ladman, Comedian/Writer/Actor

“This is a course in radical acceptance. But it isn’t a begrudging acceptance- more of a “let’s be brave and curious together” acceptance. Kelly has a wonderful down-to-earth quality and her course moves easily from the spiritual to the profane (punctuated by her full-throttle laugh.) I found myself being more conscious around my electronic devices. I started turning off the ringer on my phone while I am working, and taking breaks from both news and social media. Instant relief. To be honest, I could take the exact same course over again and would, happily.” – Claudia Parducci, Visual

“What I loved was a space to take the time to breathe and be quiet and rejuvenate. The challenging [journal] prompts. I learned to be ok with being quiet. And, I feel more comfortable speaking my truth.” – Ellen November, Textile Artist

“Consider this an essential part of you breaking apart the calcified part of your brain. Letting Kelly IN to your brain demands that you chip away at what is stopping you!” – Carol Baumgartel, Ceramic Artist

“What the hell do you, Kelly Carlin, know about this stuff?” Well…

  • I’ve been practicing mindfulness and meditation for 20 years.
  • I have used mindfulness and other modalities to reduce my own anxiety, depression, perfectionismand co-dependent mindset.
  • I have been leading groups for over 15 years.
  • I have a Masters in counseling psychology (Jungian) psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute.
  • I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach through Coaches Training Institute & graduate of theirLeadership training.
  • I have used all of the things I share in the webinars to overcome my own fears, lack of confidenceand other blocks to become a successful author, speaker, performer and radio show host.


Kelly offers occasional retreats, workshops and online classes in the areas of creativity, women’s empowerment, mindfulness, and writing. To find out more, sign up for her newsletter here.