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Kelly Is and Isn't into -isms 

Kelly begins by talking about her wacky morning.  She then brings on Katie Goodman and they discuss her video Sorry Babe, You're a Feminist! and why younger women are resisting the term.  Kelly then talks about resisting the term atheist and how she has come to find peace with defining her own brand of spirituality.  Music by Eric Schwartz.  


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With humor, honesty and keen insight, Kelly Carlin candidly converses with artists, comedians,thinkers, and writers looking to discover how to stay a little more sane and grounded in 21st century America. While she openly wrestles with her own thoughts and feelings about art, politics, spirituality, Kelly remains genuinely curious about how others find meaning and success in their own post-modern American life. She believes that by sharing our hearts and minds openly, we just might usher in a new paradigm to live into in this new century. Is she crazy? Probably. Does she care? No.



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